Your Partner In
Thermal, Fluidics and Mechanical Design and Analysis

We are your partner in innovation and engineering.

We are your partner in innovation and engineering. We meet our clients’ needs in their development and enhancement journey. From incremental improvements to activating an entirely new technology, 360 Degree Engineering is here to solve your problem.

360 Degree Engineering method enhances the client agile design maturation and performance optimization. Throughout the project delivery life, we start by physics-based simulation and digital twining to create the most feasible outcome. Relying on the simulation driven design, the physical prototype will be manufactured to test the feasibility and performance. The result will be used for the optimization of the final design.

We take advantage of our Thermal Engineering, Advanced fluid mechanics, Structural design expertise and our evolutionary prototyping method to offer the most advance and feasible solution.

We have plenty of PhDs, but we’re not a think tank. Our people like to roll up their sleeves and work on real products.

We structure projects to meet the business needs of our clients, and we often share risk or even co-invest.