Advanced fluid mechanics

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Advanced fluid mechanic is wide scientific discipline for understanding of motion of simple fluids such as water or complex fluids like polymers under different circumstances. Many factors such as geometries, speed, and physical properties of the fluid can influence the fluid behavior.

Fluid mechanics is an important part of many applications: from medical devices, drug delivery, and bio-fluids, to energy applications, clean tech, and environmental science, analyzing fluid behavior is essential component of the design and optimization. When it comes to systems at large (macro-fluids) and small (micro- and nano-fluids) scales – and understanding the complex nature and difficulties of these systems 360 Degree Engineering is your partner.

We help our clients with predicting and understanding the mechanistic behavior of the biological systems in the form of diverse mathematical models and digital twins. Our methods can accurately describe the interaction between bio-fluids and surrounding tissue through small scale complex fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in combination with tissue mechanics, which enable physically-accurate real-time behavior simulation for bio fluids in tissues and organs. We employ advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, physics-based analytical models, and laboratory testing to dissect these phenomena that often have non-linear behavior. 

Advanced Fluid Mechanics services:

  1. Macro and microscale fluid mechanics
  2. Turbulent
  3. Coating, contact line and wetting phenomena
  4. Droplets and Sprays
  5. Fluid/solid Interaction (FSI)
  6. Conjugate fluid/thermal coupling
  7. Multiphase flow
  8. Species transport and reactive flows.
  9. Complex (non-Newtonian) fluid mechanics
  10. Flow in porous media
  11. Bio-Fluids
  12. Biological fluid analysis
  13. Drug delivery modeling
  14. Implants
  15. Fluid-Surface interactions
  16. Bio-polymer adhesion