A way to expedite digital replica development

A digital twin as a virtual replica of a system can be continuously updated with data from its physical counterpart. Creating and implications of a live digital version of a system gives a profound insight which leads to real-time assessments and diagnostics in a much more precise manner. Creating this twin has many challenges such as high fidelity physics-based simulation, incorporating data into simulation and interfacing with physical hardware, which makes the process of constructing it slow and costly. 

In collaboration with UCLA Samueli school of engineering and Siemens, 360 Degree Engineering is working on development of a platform, utilizing Siemens digital twin software platform, for dynamic diagnostic of microsystem instruments. 

Our experts aim is to enable our clients to perform rapid diagnostics of their microsystem instruments. This platform is capable of producing detailed design structure to analyze end-to-end process performance in real time while interfacing with sensor data from the physical world to better understand and manage process performance. The digital twin allows the user to monitor detailed variation of their system at every specific location in real time to perform needed diagnostics and optimization. Finally, it assists the client team with faster development of the future generation of the device by enabling virtual trials on new add-ons and modifications.

Stay tuned… 

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